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We receive many emails from happy customers telling us how much better they feel using Provailen. And it's a great feeling to know we're helping so many people. Arthritis and joint pain can strike virtually anyone, at any age. Your whole life can be affected, from the pain and stiffness, to the fatigue caused by lack of quality sleep. Many people can suffer with the misery of arthritis for years.

But there is another way. Provailen will melt away your pain & discomfort and allow you to live life pain free.

So let's see what people are saying about their experience with Provailen...

"My name is Tracy and I'm 45 years old and I've suffered with Reactive Arthritis in my left ankle and my lower back for the last 15 years. In the past I have taken strong medication which has affected my quality of life. I don't like taking medication at all Since I started taking Provailen 7 months ago I haven't had to take any medication or pain relief and I haven't had any side affects. My doctor is amazed that I am able to work . I work in Catering and I am on my feet all day and I'm not suffering in pain any more. I am 100% happy with Provailen."

Thank you for a great product

Tracy, Australia, 2013

My wife went online to check whether there is any supplement which could help me. She saw the ad on Provailen. She asked me why not try Provailen. I ordered Provailen and started taking 3 times a day. After taking Provailen for about 2.5 months I started to notice that most of my joint pain was gone but my shoulder pain was still there.

But I still continued taking Provailen. This time I was taking twice a day. After taking Provailen for 4 months my shoulder pain started to subside. That was the most amazing thing to me. Now 90% of the pain is gone. Now I am taking Provailen once a day. Thanks to Provailen that has helped me a lot

Thank You!

Mr. Vincent (Singapore), 2013

"I have been taking Provailen for approx. 18 months. It has been a God Send to me - I have been able to continue working on my offshore oil platform full time.

At least 14 hours per day going up and down 10 flights of stairs, all day long. Before starting on Provailen I could hardly make it up and down 2 flights of stairs without aching pain in my knees. " Now after using your product I have a very good chance to finish my career as an offshore medic/dispatcher till I retire. Thank You Provailen.

Rich S.

Here is my story..

"Around 2006 I developed psoriatic arthritis, and it caused most my fingers to become swollen and stiff with immflamation. It took months to bring under control, and I had to take the typical NSAID drugs. About 18 months ago, due to having to help unload heavy items at work, I suffered another serious flare up. This time the drugs were not doing well. I took Diclofenac for months with omeprazole, with limited effect.

Earlier this year my knees were hurting and the soles of my feet. I was offered Leflunomide by the rhematologist, and almost agreed to it, but after reading the very serious potential side effects, I decided not to. I felt I was trapped. I decided to search the internet, and came across Provailen. I ordered an initial bottle, and after a couple of weeks realised things were improving.

I recently ordered 4 bottles of Provailen, and after taking 4 a day for about a month, the reduction of pain and stiffness is impressive. I am currently continuing with 2 per day, & feel good. I feel that Provailen has exceeded the benefit of any conventional anti immflamatory I have used, and I am grateful for such a product without any side issues to note."

Mihailo Bacanin,

United Kingdom, 2013

"I have suffered with general joint pain for around 10 years. My Doctor gave me prescriptions for strong anti-inflammatories but the pain was always in the background, it never actually went away. Since taking Provailen I have noticed a big difference. So much so, that I stopped taking my anti-inflammatories around 2 months ago. My pain for the most part has gone and I feel things are getting better week by week. It won't be long until I feel 100% again. Brilliant! "

United Kingdom, 2013

"Seriously, this is some powerful stuff you have here. Amazing"

Jery Q.

"My arthritis has plagued me for years and after trying countless different things to get relief I had reached the point where I thought I'd have to just get on and live with it. A friend of mine tried Provailen and was singing your praises so I asked her to order me some. (I didn't have the internet at the time) After taking them for the last 7 weeks, I feel different. Actually, I feel REALLY different. I have so much less pain and much more mobility in my joints it's wonderful. It gets a little better each week so I am going to keep taking them and I'm sure I'll be arthritis free very soon."

Betty P.

"I love my Provailen. It's the only thing I have tried in the last 3 years that has actually made me pain free:'

Shirley M.

"I had quite a `healing response' as you call it when I first started taking Provailen. To be honest I have lived on junk food for years and not really exercised due to my joint pain, so I must have been full of toxins and rubbish. I almost stopped taking the Provailen but decided to stick with it and I'm really glad I did. The healing response has now gone and I'm pain & inflammation free for the first time in as long as I can remember!"

Lance T.

"Provailen has given me my hobbies back. Life is good again. Many thanks."

Jack P.

"Why my Doctor didn't tell me about this is a mystery. Wish I'd have found you years ago. Brilliant."

Sheila P.

"It's been really difficult for me over the last few years, having been so active in my younger years. I was quite the sportsman but arthritis kicked in and I have not been able to play any sports with severe pain. I don't mind the others but I miss golf desperately. As you can imagine, it's very difficult when your shoulders feel like they are on fire. To cut a long story short, I tried your Provailen and the results have been marvellous. NOTHING else has come close. I actually enjoy 18 holes every week now and I am over the moon. Just wanted to give you a sincere thank you."

Lloyd A.

"If you'd have told me 4 months ago that I'd be as active as I am now, I'd have laughed at you. It's such a joy to enjoy cycling and walking again thanks to your wonderful product."

Lloyd A.

"I know your product is strong because I could feel it working when I first started taking it. I had headaches and some other not so nice effects, but I increased the amount of water I was drinking and they passed. And so did my pain. I haven't taken any of my pain killers or anti-inflammatories for the last couple of months and I feel pain free and full of beans."

Dan Z.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Letty W.

"My Provailen came Saturday morning and I started with one tablet a day. I can now bend my leg to walk up the stairs with no pain, I can sit and watch TV with no pain, and that is after three days! There is a mention about side effects initially, but the only effect it has on me is it has taken the pain away and so quick too"

Alan S.

"Listen. I have just been on a 3 mile walk in the countryside near my home, which is my passion. Why am I telling you this? Because the pain in my knees and ankles was so bad previously, it hurt to walk 50 yards. I LOVE you Provailen."

James W.

"Finally something that works".

Catherine J.

Testimonial Disclaimer

Testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. All testimonials are real men and women, and may not reflect the typical user’s experience, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Every person has unique experiences, exercise habits, eating habits, and applies the information in a different way. Thus, the experiences that we share from other people may not reflect the typical users' experience. However, these results are meant as a showcase of what the best, most motivated Provailen users have achieved. All customers who provided Provailen their success story were remunerated with free product. If you have a pre-existing health condition that could negatively interact with Provailen’s natural ingredients, consult your physician.

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It's great to know that other people just like you are changing their lives for the better with Provailen isn't it? It gives you hope. If they can find relief, so can you The ONLY thing stopping you... is YOU! Order Provailen now and you will be feeling the difference faster than you thought possible.

  • No more stiffness, just the flexibility you've longed for
  • Aching and painful joints are now a thing of the past
  • Sleep more soundly and comfortably than you have in years
  • Enjoy your favorite activities and hobbies without the usual suffering

Provailen is NOT just a reishi supplement. Although the reishi we use is the purest and most effective you can buy, we combine it in our special powerful 3-in-1 arthritis and joint formula to ensure you get the relief you are longing for.


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