Why do golfers suffer groin pain?

Playing golf is one of the most relaxing and fun moments that you can ever have.

Golfers groin pain

This is due to the reason that playing golf enables you to be in a position to be able to relax and unwind after having a long tiring day. However, despite the fact that most people take it to be that golf is the safest game, research has showed that it is actually a hazardous game. This is due to the reason that in most instances, golf playing involves nearly each and every muscle in the body. As such, if you fail to be careful while playing golf, you can end up tearing most of your muscles. This is specifically muscles that are in the shoulders and in hands. Other than the damage to these muscles, research has showed that golf playing can actually cause great groin pain.

Groin pain among athletes and golfers

Most athletes and golf players are usually very susceptible to experiencing very chronic groin pains. Diagnosis of most players who complain of groin pains has established the fact that swings in golf playing are very likely to trigger groin pain while playing golf and even after playing. Groin pain is usually felt as very sharp inflammations that on the groin just slightly under the abdomen. These pains come about mainly due to torso rotations that are made by golf players when swinging to hit the ball. Therefore, it is quite evident that even though golf is regarded as one of the safest games, it also comes about with a number of problems. It is very important to ensure that you are able to strategize on making the right swings so that you are able to lower the likelihood of groin pains arising.

Causes of groin pain among golfers

Groin pains are very common among golfers, a factor that enhances the need to understand the main causes of the condition. With a proper understanding of these pains, it is very easy for you to be able to positively identify the right treatment and preventive measures to take. The main cause of this pain is known to be sports hernia. This situation is mainly very common among male soccer and hockey players but it is also known to be common among golfers. Sport hernia comes about due to the repetitive waist twists made by players while playing. Golfers also engage their waists in repetitive twists while swinging to hit the ball.

According to medical professionals, sport hernia is best referred to as a condition whereby the inguinal wall weakens thereby making it very susceptible to inflammations. Inflammations on these walls are responsible for the acute pain that most players suffering from groin pain experience. Inguinal walls are found slightly above the genitals. These walls also form the deepest layer of abdominal muscles. It is important to note that groin pain at first is usually very minor and barely noticeable. However, with time the pain becomes fully advanced to a point that it is almost unbearable. When it gets to such a point, treatment is usually due so that a golf player can be able to make smooth swings.

Groin pull

Groin pain among golfers can also come about due to groin pull and or strains. Groin pulls occur when muscles found in the inner muscle (hip abductors) are bruised thereby making them to become torn. This in turn leads to cute inflammations that eventually lead to the occurrence of groin pains. Muscles that are located in the inner thighs are very important in that they help in activating swings by moving hips towards the body’s midline. This then makes it quite easy for you to be able to make a golf swing while at the same time being able to balance your feet equally. This results to stability, a factor that makes it quite easy for you to hit the ball in a straight forward manner such that it is focused at the target hole.

There are a number of factors that trigger the occurrence of groin pulls. The main factor is the failure to take warm up sessions before starting to play golf. The best thing about warming up is that it helps in relaxing muscles by removing muscle stiffness. Therefore even when swinging so as to hit a golf ball, there is no straining or stress that will be exerted on these muscles. Overusing your inner thigh muscles can also trigger the occurrence of these pulls. In order to avert a possibility of groin pulls occurring, it is quite important that you should seek advice from a doctor on how to warm up before playing golf.

Osteitis pubis

This is a unique groin pain that comes about as a result of inflammations on the front side of the pelvic girdle, at a point where both pubic bones (right and left bones) meet. This condition is quite common among athletes and golf players who make repetitive waist twists and motions. When you have this condition, it is very likely that you will feel pain on either side of your groin or even on both sides at the same time. In order to reduce inflammations that come about in Osteitis pubis, soothing the inflammations with ice helps a great deal. In addition to this, taking enough rest and time off from active play also helps in countering the inflammations.

Nerve entrapment

Medical officers provide that there is also a very high likelihood that groin pains among golfers can also come about as a result of nerve entrapment. This condition is basically a situation whereby nerves may become irritated and or compressed due to the action of external pressure. Surgery scars and pressure easily trigger a condition whereby nerves to the skin. This condition of nerves being stuck on nerves eventually causes groin pain and or numbness, conditions that worsen with time thereby resulting to fatalities. In order to rectify this condition, there are different treatment measures such as physical therapy and surgery when the condition becomes very severe. When golfers are twisting their waists so as to make a swing, it is common to feel a sharp pain that may take quite sometime before settling. This is due to the effect of the external pressure exerted on the inner thighs during the twisting.

Treating groin pains

In order to be able to effectively treat groin pains, you need to first ensure that you understand the causes of the condition. This is so as you are able to treat the condition from its root cause thereby averting a possibility of the condition recurring at a later point in life. In cases where groin pains come due to nerve entrapment, the best treatment option to result to is surgery. This is so as to remove the nerves that are stacked on the skin. In addition to this, you may also alleviate groin pain by exercising regularly with the aim of being able to relax muscles in the inner thighs. With this relaxation , it becomes very easy for you to be able to enhance the flexibility of your muscles .This in turn puts you in a position of being able to execute smooth twists while swinging to hit the golf ball.

There are also other medical supplements that are used in the treatment of groin pains among golfers. The most effective medication is Provailen, a medicine that has been approved by doctors for use in the treatment of groin pains. The best thing about this treatment option is that it is highly effective and can also be used as a preventive measure. This is due to the reason that in most cases Provailen enhances the relaxation of muscles thereby making their flexibility quite easy to achieve. With highly flexible muscles, you can be more than sure that you will be in a position to make smooth twists and swings while playing golf.

Prevention of groin pains

Prevention of groin pains is quite easy to achieve especially due to the reason that these pains come about due to artificial factors. The easiest way to prevent the occurrence of these pains is by ensuring that you take effective warm up sessions every time before you play. This is quite important in that it provides you with an opportune chance of stretching your muscles and in enhancing their flexibility. Therefore, even when your inner thighs are under great pressure while making twists and swings, you do not experience any groin pain. In cases where you undergo surgeries around the groin, it is important to allow your surgical scar to heal completely before you even resume active golfing. This goes a long way in ensuring that nerve entrapment does not occur.

The best thing about playing golf is that it is easy for you to lower the chances of injuries occurring. Unlike other field games, this is the only game that has the lowest likelihood of injuries occurring while playing. This is due to the reason that chances of falling are negligible and almost nil.

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