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  • Stops Arthritis Pain At The Source!
  • Relieves Arthritis Inflammation!
  • Zero Side Effects!
  • Manufactured In F.D.A Approved Facility!
  • No Medication Interactions!

Top 5 questions asked daily?

  1. Will Provailen stop my arthritis and joint pain?

  2. Yes. 87.6% of clients asked experienced up to a 90% reduction in arthritis pain.

  3. How does Provailen work?

  4. Your arthritis is caused by your autoimmune system attacking your joints and causing inflammation. Provailen uses Reishi mushroom as part of its 3-in-1 formula to rebalance your immune system and relieve your inflammation. Provailen is completely natural and helps to relieve most arthritis symptoms fast and effectively.

  5. Should I be concerned about side effects?

  6. Provailen has had no negative side effects reported.

  7. Is Provailen safe to consume?

  8. Yes. Provailen is produced in an F.D.A registered lab. Provailen’s ingredients are pharmacy grade and of the best quality possible.

  9. Can I take Provailen with my other medications ?

  10. Yes, Provailen does not interact with other medications and so can be safely taken alongside your other medications you have on prescription or over the counter. Of course once Provailen begins to relieve your arthritis, you may find that you no longer need them!

Is your current arthritis medication hurting

Most common anti-inflammatory side effects

  • Stomach ulcers!
  • Bleeding of the intestines!
  • Kidney Damage!
  • Liver damage!
  • Stroke - Heart Attack!

arthritis pain relief FDA warnings?

Caution labels for painkillers known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), should explicitly tell consumers to use the products for the shortest amount of time and consume the least amount as possible.

Caution labels for painkillers known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), tell you the products are not for long term use and should only be taken for short term relief.

This warning also covers many common non-prescription and prescription drugs such as aspirin, Aleve, Anaprox, Naprosyn, ibuprofen,Motrin, Advil, Midol, Indocin, Celebrex , Naproxen and Prednisone. Even aspirin coated with a special substance designed to protect your stomach, can still cause gastric ulcers.

Now you might be thinking the possible side effects of anti-inflammatories will not affect you, but you can be sure the 150,000 hospitalizations and 16,500 deaths reported last year from anti-inflammatory use in the U.S.A. alone are real and extremely worrying.


Anti-inflammatory drugs do not cure arthritis. NSAIDs are designed to lower the inflammation by lowering the auto-immune system response; and this also puts you at a much higher risk of contracting other diseases and health problems. But this also makes you a lifelong client for the mainstream medical industry, forever in need of these medications to relieve your arthritis pain at the risk of developing stomach, liver and kidney problems.

Over time your health will continue to become worse. Have you noticed that these medications become less effective? Has your health improved at all or have you just become a slave to the pills that will continue to deteriorate your health? Requiring higher dosages and increasing the potential for other health complications and even death.

This puts you at a much higher risk of contracting other diseases and health problems. But this also makes you a life long client for the mainstream medical industry, forever in need of these medications to relieve your arthritis pain at the risk of developing stomach, liver and kidney problems.

If you are taking NSAID arthritis medications currently you know from personal experience they have pain relief benefits, but also carry some very nasty side effects. There is a solution which is scientifically proven to not produce damage to your body. It is called Provailen, a natural arthritis pain pill. You know the end result is not good if you continue to use anti-inflammatory drugs. You owe it to yourself to at least try something new that works and will not kill you.

Provailen can help you break cycle of damaging drugs!

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How do I know Provailen - Arthritis Pain Relief
will work for me?

pain relief Provailen has three main ingredients.

The principal ingredient is called Reishi and it is in the same family as the fungus called Penicillin.

You know, the Fungi that has saved hundreds of millions of lives. You probably have taken some form of it many times over the years. Ask yourself did it work? Answer YES it must have or you would not be reading this. The specific fungus is called Reishi and through a new special process the strength has been increased by up to 75 times.

This massive boost in potency is achieved using high frequency sonic cracking technology, along with hydro-alcohol extraction and is now allowing for the purest concentration possible.

Dr. William B. Stavinhoa from the University Of Texas Health Science Center published a scientific study stating (Reishi is as powerful as 5mg of hydrocortisone the same drug often injected into arthritic joints damaged by arthritis.) Now that is incredible . . . a natural substance that is as powerful as hydrocortisone.

Dr. Andrew Weil stated major positive implications of Reishi use are shown for anyone suffering from immune system disorders, such as Arthritis. One of the major causes of rheumatoid arthritis is known as RASF & RSQUO. The polysaccharide peptide found in abundance in Reishi fungi has shown to significantly reduce RASF & RSQUO.

Two well known doctors, including one from the prestigious university of Texas Health Science Center, have published scientific studies on this powerful fungi. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. We could continue quoting different studies published about Reishi but honestly there is little point in boring you with the details of study after study.

The simple truth is Reishi has incredibly positive effects on people suffering from Arthritis.

Why should I Try Provailen?

  • Think about your long term health? Ask yourself am I getting any better or am I getting worse?
  • What is my risk? Are there any nasty side effects? No, there are no side effects associated with the use of Provailen.
  • Ask yourself how much is my health worth? Your health will definitely be improved, no more concerns about the horrible side effects that they cause. Also what about the financial burden? No more doctor visits. No more lab tests and having to purchase expensive prescription medications.

The simple truth is if your current medication had cured your problem you would not be here on this site. Your risk is becoming healthy and pain free. You have most likely already used a fungus like penicillin and you know they work, why would you not try this fungus which has proven to help alleviate the majority of arthritis issues?

Your health is the most important thing you have in your life, now don’t you think it is time that you took control of your arthritis?

It is your life, it is your health. It is time to make the decision now . Provailen works, it is a natural product and it has no nasty side effects. Provailen has plenty of scientific proof demonstrating that it works. The simple truth is if you don’t give Provailen an opportunity you are slowly risking your health, do not keep going down the path of anti-inflammatories none of them have a happy ending.

  • No More Doctor's Prescriptions!
  • Zero Negative Drug Interactions!
  • Unwanted Side Effects Dont Exist!
  • Super Fast Arthritis Pain Relief!
  • 100% Safe - Produced in FDA Approved Facility!

P.S. If what you have been using so far isn’t working, don’t you owe it to yourself to seek relief and comfort elsewhere?

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